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Rebecca Jepsen:
Your Community Realtor®
Real Estate Expertise

If you're planning to buy your first home, sell a family estate, or invest in property, you can rely on Rebecca Jepsen, a dependable real estate professional. She excels in guiding clients through the legal, logistical, and emotional challenges of significant financial decisions. Success in real estate necessitates an agent with market knowledge, negotiation expertise, and exceptional customer service. These are skills Rebecca honed over 20 years as a successful entrepreneur and senior executive in the high-tech industry, prior to launching her career in real estate.

Community Involvement and Sustainability

Healthy communities and sustainable living are among Rebecca’s special passions. She is a certified Santa Clara Master Gardener and is the Project Lead for the garden-based corporate outreach programs at Google and Adobe. As a columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, Rebecca writes weekly “Green Tips” and the “Ask a Master Gardener” column. Rebecca was also a guest speaker and “Garden Guru” at Sunset Magazine’s celebration weekend.

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Rebecca Jepsen: Your Community Realtor®

“My priority is finding my buyers the perfect property and community where they truly feel “right at home”. For sellers, I secure the highest price possible for their homes and make their transactions easy to navigate. My goal is to build long-lasting relationships with each and every one of my clients.”