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Rebecca Jepsen:
Your Community Realtor®
Building Community

Rebecca Jepsen is a passionate advocate for the Bay Area community, continuously supporting and advocating for others. Her efforts extend beyond real estate, showcasing her dedication to community development and giving back. Rebecca is a committed community advocate who undertakes varied efforts to uplift communities and aid seniors during transitions. These activities reflect her commitment to not only building homes but also fostering community spirit. Her mission is to create a brighter and more inclusive future for everyone in the Bay Area.

Rebuilding and Uplifting the Community

Rebecca's approach to community service is hands-on and heartfelt. She actively participates in projects that breathe new life into community spaces, whether it's swinging a hammer at a build site or leading beautification projects in public spaces. Her efforts are aimed at creating a tangible impact—improving living conditions, enhancing communal areas, and ensuring that essential services reach those most in need. Through muscle, enthusiasm, and generous donations, Rebecca is at the forefront of initiatives that transform and uplift our neighborhoods.

Personal Drive to Give Back

For Rebecca, community service is not just an activity—it's a calling. Driven by the joy of giving and a profound connection to the Bay Area, she pours her energy into various forms of community support. From her hands-on work in local gardens to spearheading charity drives, Rebecca's actions are fueled by a desire to make a meaningful difference. Her dedication is a testament to her belief that small acts of kindness and commitment can collectively forge a stronger, more vibrant community.

Rebuilding and Uplifting the community

Helping each other and helping communities packs a big punch when muscle, enthusiasm and generous donations come together. Read More.

Rebecca Jepsen helps young buyers

Helping each other and helping communities packs a big punch when muscle, enthusiasm and generous donations come together. Read More.

Wired to give back to her Bay Area

Feeling the joy of giving back to her community propels Rebecca Jepsen to literally dig in with both hands, both feet and all of her boundless energy. Read More.

Working with seniors as they downsizing

Rebecca Jepsen thinks of her dad often. Her best friend — he passed away at the age of  “94 and ¾ ” — her love and devotion to him motivates her every day as a Silicon Valley Realtor. Read More.

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What Rebecca’s Clients Are Saying

There are high achievers and then there is Rebecca...
D. Singh
14923 Sobey Rd. Saratoga, CA
We were not only impressed with her in-depth knowledge and understanding...
Adrienne & Norm Zimmerman
220 Caldwell Avenue. Los Gatos, CA
It has been such a pleasure working with Rebecca – she sold my house in 6 days...
Dodi B.
19502 Northampton Drive. Saratoga, CA